5 Horrifying Realities Of Living In The Star Wars Universe

5 Horrifying Realities Of Living In The Star Wars Universe

This goes out to all the crazy Star Wars fans out there. I am pretty sure that all of you must have thought once about living in the Star Wars universe. If you have this thought in mind, please take it out.

The following list gives 5 perfect reasons of why it would not at all be good living in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars is the trending topic for discussion everywhere. Get ready to get your minds blown, you are going to get a glimpse of what would happen if you get to live in the Star Wars world.


The useful Jedi Ghosts (not):


According to the series, when a Jedi dies it becomes a living ghost. Basically, once you die you become a ghost who can talk and can have the feeling like the rest of them. When you blow up your second death star, all you death mentors appear in your forest. They would celebrate and tell you about how they are proud to kill all those people! The only useful thing they can do is to kill people's privacy by walking into showers or the locker rooms!

The over exaggerated architecture:

The designs in the show are actually next to impossible and are way too childish. In the 4th episode, a man apparently on the death star has to turn on and off the tractor beam and has to walk into a space hole on a 12-inch walkway which has no railings. Are you kidding me?

The high dependency on the robots:

In the real world, you can buy robots, sell them and even exchange. But in Star Wars, robots are treated just like fellow colleagues. The robots function both emotionally and physically. All the characters rely on robots for most of their work.

Everything gets destroyed eventually:

Imagine, you woke up on a perfect morning to see that all your property has been destroyed. That is what is going to happen if you are a resident of the Star Wars universe. Every place in the universe is nothing but an active war-zone. Either save your ass or save your property. Gotta choose one.

Rebels –terrorists:

In the Star Wars universe, if you rebel against the empire you are terrorists. The empire has everything be it funds, a strong army, weapons, vehicles, every damn thing. You just have to agree on whatever decisions they make!