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Strangest facts about Life!

The best part about being curious is that you will always have arms to defend yourself when everybody else is wounded in the gigantic battlle field of comprehension. Inquisitiveness as a trait gives you wings, its a disease that makes you hungry to know more and more.

Let us here, ignite a spark and bring to you some strange facts that you will make you wonder.


Strangest facts about Life!

Strangest facts about Life!

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I always had a dislike for beans. Now I have a reason for it.

Rats are also one of the oldest living species surviving the face of earth.

This mighty tree lives for long years, it's a pity we cut them.

That is really an incredible effort to make things come live.

That is remarkably huge!

Now that is a shocker!

Glowing Frog!

This is something we can change about us.

Now that is surely a keeper. Fruits are wonderful gits.

Now that's instinct.

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