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Acoustic Oscillations

This is an acoustic bass and acoustic guitar filmed from the inside of the guitar with an iphone 4s. All music was written specifically for this video.

Camera Tricks:

The string oscillation effect is caused by the rolling shutter on the iphone (it's not capturing how the strings actually vibrate). 
If you want to try this yourself, I found the best oscillations were captured with the front facing camera when it was filmed vertically and was backlit very brightly(so the phone would use the fastest shutter speed). Play around and see what you come up with.
The shots from the outside were also filmed with an iphone. I used sticks, saran wrap, and duct tape to attach the phone to my guitar, there's probably an easier way :)
I just bought this acoustic bass and this is the first song I've written with it, I hope you all enjoyed it!

Instruments Used:
Acoustic Guitar - Fender DG100
Acoustic Bass - Copley CAB-54

Acoustic Oscillations

Acoustic Oscillations

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Acoustic Oscillations

Acoustic bass and guitar string oscillations

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