10 Burgers From Around The World You Would Die For!

10 Burgers From Around The World You Would Die For!

Fast food as a term suggests, is quick to prepare and serve. And, Burger lovers know it well. Here are ten burgers made quickly but enjoyed with ease. They will seduce you so well that you wish the joy never ends.

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1. Holeman & Finch Public House's Double Cheeseburger-Atlanta, Georgia

1. Holeman & Finch Public House’s Double Cheeseburger—Atlanta, Georgia

This mouth watering burger made by Chef Linton Hopkins is so good that it earned the title of best Burger in America by The Daily Meal.


2. Fergburger-Queenstown, New Zealand

2. Fergburger—Queenstown, New Zealand

This is one hell of a Burger. Tasteful and 'Fatty'.

3. Heart Attack Grill Burger-Las Vegas, Nevada

3. Heart Attack Grill Burger—Las Vegas, Nevada

Signature dish of the restaurant, this 'deadly' burger has 9,982 calories inbuilt.

4. The Attic Burger-Phoenix, Arizona

4. The Attic Burger—Phoenix, Arizona

Yeah! this hot treat comes with one of the best and unheard of, craft Beers.

5. The Rustic Canyon Burger-Santa Monica, California

5. The Rustic Canyon Burger—Santa Monica, California

Keep calm and have Rustic Canyon. The best Burger of California.

6. The Great Burger-Tokyo, Japan

6. The Great Burger—Tokyo, Japan

Next time you visit Tokyo, don't forget to have ' The Great Burger' worth $25.

7. Red Mill Burgers Deluxe-Seattle, Washington

7. Red Mill Burgers Deluxe—Seattle, Washington

This one is an exciting solution to your hunger, makes your mouth wide open .

8. The BBI-Berlin, Germany

8. The BBI—Berlin, Germany

Even if this one is not enough for you then you are hell of a 'Foodie'.

9. The Gordon Ramsay BurGR-Las Vegas, Nevada

9. The Gordon Ramsay BurGR—Las Vegas, Nevada

Lets say celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is a magician, hence he created this 'masterpiece.'

10. Royale Eatery Burger-Cape Town, South Africa

10. Royale Eatery Burger—Cape Town, South Africa

Fresh bun, super juicy feel with meat in the lead role. Now what else do you need.