A handmade miniature drum set by manila paper

A handmade miniature drum set by manila paper

     Being a Lead guitarist and a drummer in bands, music is my passion. It is my LIFE. And seeing that i am also a very hands on person with some time to kill, i decided to embark on a project to express my creativity.While rocking out on my guitar, i suddenly thought "wouldnt it be cool to DIY some miniature band equipment ". Thats when i did some research and found out that not many people was doing this online. This made it even more challenging as i started from scratch. The drums naturally became the equipment of choice as it had a lot of little components i got from a stationery store.

    I hope to embark on other miniatures like guitar amps, full stage setup, concert venues. Hopefully by me sharing this, i will be able to connect with like minded people and share ideas and form a community of musical DIY enthusiasts. Also, i would like to encourage kids to start using their hands and make things instead of playing angry birds on their i phones. NOTHING beats the satisfaction of making something physical on your own.


Brandon Gomez