This Foreigner’s Story About Dogs And Killings Is Nuff to Put Indians to Shame

Has humanity died? 


“Atithi Devo Bhava”... says a very popular government-backed campaign aiming at inducing a sense of care and respect among the countrymen for fellow foreigner visitors.  

But I can bet, if campaign’s ambassador Aamir Khan gets to read what you’re reading, he’ll probably have this issue included in one of his Satyameva Jayate episodes. 

So this is the story of a girl named Serah Dee in her own words. After a post carrying her story made rounds on the internet, WittyFeed contacted Serah to get a deeper insight as to what exactly happened with her. The following story henceforth is just to give voice to a foreigner who is asking for it. 

With this article, we aim to reach out to animal conservation organisations and the Indian government to go in depth and find out the truth so the justice prevails. Here is the story of dogs, killings, and shame.