Are You Aware Of The Condition Of Cows In India? 

Are you willing to volunteer in saving them?


Among one of the most controversial matters in the country is the topic of Cattle Slaughtering.

In a country where cattle is considered pivotal for both, mythological and economic necessity, it is also a good source of meat religiously in several sections. There are some regions where cattle is considered as next to God while there are states where cattle slaughtering is legal.

In all such critical debates of being right and wrong, there are individuals and organizations that are working hard to protect the cattle, especially cows. They are providing sustainable food and maintaining hygienic surroundings for them. Several steps are being taken in order to encourage and inform people about the significance of cows in the country. 

So, how about we begin with learning about the situation of the cattle market in India and then about the steps taken to protect the cows.