After Justin Bieber And Ed Sheeran, Now WWE Plans To Come To India & Introduce This Diva

Would be a nationwide celebration!

As a 90’s kid growing up, the fondest memories came when WWE, back then known as WWF and WCW were going at each other, a time known as Monday night wars. That kick-started the famous Attitude Era and WWE never looked back. Who can forget Stone Cold Steve Austin driving a beer truck in the arena, or The Rock’s “It doesn’t matter what you think”, the mystique surrounding The Undertaker or perhaps the DX featuring Triple H, X-Pac etc.

For an Indian kid growing up, it was the ultimate entertainment but no one ever thought that 17 years later, it would be an Indian who would be on top of the pack, dominating and putting on a show like Jinder Mahal does. The Modern Day Maharaj hasn’t forgotten his Indian roots at all and if his recent interview is anything to go by, would be performing in India this September!

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