Ever Wondered How The Duckworth-Lewis Method In Cricket Works?

This will clear all of your doubts!

Cricket has intrigued many people over the years, from Shahid Afridi’s ‘boys played well’ to questionable distances of boundary lines to the ‘adjustments’ of pitches to suit a team’s needs, all of them have been food for thought to say the least. But there’s one system in cricket that just eludes any kind of understanding and perhaps is the most important system in the Champions Trophy.

Yes, we are talking about nothing other than the Duckworth-Lewis Stern system. The Duckworth-Lewis Stern or the DLS system is a system which is used to determine the winner or revise the scores of a cricket match should the match be interrupted that exact moment. DLS system was officially adopted by the ICC in 1999 when it was deemed that the old method of using run rate wasn’t a proper determinant for deciding the match winner. 

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