11 Soulful Tracks Of Kishore Kumar Every Generation Loves To Tune

He made us laugh and cry, with equal efforts!


"Chookar mere mann ko kiya tune kya ishaara, badla yeh mausam lagey pyaara jag saara..."

This is the line that wakes me up on a positive note every morning, to love the world I live in, encouraging me to look at the fairer side of things. Hanging onto 'Badla ye mausam', I believe that time is ever-changing, not everyday is same. And when Kishore Da's mellifluous voice lands on my ears, it is an experience in itself. 

Whatever said and done, despite being a millennial and a 90's kid, I still love to listen to his songs and his voice is something that has an aura of its own. 

Born in Khandwa, on August 4, 1929, Kishore Kumar was a legendary singer, actor, lyricist, composer, producer, director, and screenwriter. A storehouse of talent, Kishore Da has enticed us with his eternal compositions and songs. From 'Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si' to 'Ye shaam mastani, madhosh kiye jaae', his tracks are always on a loop on my phone, every time the weather tunes to a romantic mood.

Snag some of his euphonious compositions, here.