Sophi Eber: The Cancer Survivor Inspiring Thousands Of People With Just One Photo

A picture speaks a thousand words


A picture/photograph of a 7-year-old cancer survivor named Sophi Eber is going viral on social media and the internet. It all started when her (Sophi’s) parents decided to post a picture on Reddit of their little daughter in last week. Sure the fact that Sophi is a cancer survivor is amazing in its own right, but just why is one photograph of the small girl, who survived the dreaded disease, going so viral internationally? What about this one picture makes it special enough to stand out so much amongst thousands of images posted daily on social media (and the internet)?

Read on to find out more about the pic of the young cancer survivor that is said to be inspiring thousands of people the world over.

(Please note that a few of the images used in this article are for illustration purposes only, although the majority depicts the actual persons mentioned).