Sony Pictures' Ryan Gosling Starrer Blade Runner 2049 Exclusive Teaser Is Here (Must Watch)

Get set for some badass science fiction!

Now for all the science fiction diggers, grab your tub of popcorn and get set for what you're going to read right now is absolutely breathtaking!

The 1980s neo-noir science fiction Blade Runner is all set to make an epic comeback soon this year starring Ryan Gosling, which will be called Blade Runner 2049

Those who aren't familiar with the movie, Blade runner was one of the grandest movies back in the day! The film revolves around an unpleasant Los Angeles, in which genetically engineered replicants are created by the powerful Tyrell Corporation, that are indestructible by the human race. The use of these replicants are banned on this earth and are utilized for dangerous work on off-world colonies. The replicants who defy the ban and back to earth are then hunted down by a special police force named "Blade Runners"!