Sonam Kapoor Closing Her Stint At Cannes Festival Will Leave You Awestruck

The golden beauty!

From her one-shoulder outfit designed by Masaba Gupta to her all-gold outfit designed by Elie Saab, Sonam Kapoor looked stunning whenever she came in front of the camera. As she made her first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, everyone stood astonished and praised the diva for her jaw-dropping beauty.

The 'not-prepared-much' actress, Sonam Kapoor made her last red carpet appearance at Cannes Film Festival 2017 on Monday. This was Sonam's 7th year in Cannes, and due to hectic shooting schedules in India, she had not prepared much for the festival. In fact, before leaving from Mumbai, she told one of the interviewers that her intention this time was simply to have fun on the red carpet and she had not prepared much in terms of wardrobe. But, the way she presented herself was worth admiring.

All these pictures will give you the glimpse of her two-day presence at Cannes Festival and engrave a fashion sense in the hearts of all her fans and followers.