This Is How Our Favourite Childhood TV Show Son Pari's Cast Looks Like Now

Frooti might also debut in movies!

'Ittu Bittu Jim Patuta'. I can imagine how funny it sounds now. But back then we used these magical words at every opportunity. Nothing is better than tuning into some old shows that you loved as a kid to remind you of the easier times. Son Pari took us in some dreamy land of fairy tales, and we wished if there was ever an angel...

Talking about the characters of this childhood adventure series, we haven't seen Frooti aka Tanvi Hegde for a while, and I wonder what is she up to. Also, other casts disappeared after the show and had diversified into other fields. So, I put on my super detective glasses and investigated about the cast of the show. It seems like I have got much to tell. 

Check out how our Altu Uncle, Son Pari and other actors of the show have transformed and what are they up to.