Social Media Is Criticizing This School Uniform For Being 'Obscene'! But Is It Really Vulgur?

Here's the truth!


A school uniform from the southern-most state of India, Kerala, has been caught up in a huge controversy on social media. The incident took place when a photograph of three girls studying in St. Alphonsa Public School in Kottayam district in Kerala, got viral last weekend. 

A photographer named Zachariah Ponkunnam shared a photograph on his Facebook account, which depicted three girls in their school uniform. He stated that the uniform had an obscene design.

This photo was shared over 5,000 times in a day and went viral with many people alleging the school authorities for designing such a 'vulgar' uniform for school-going minor girls. 

The school has till now received many complaints online, but the teachers and the school authorities remain on the same page, as they say, the uniform was well-designed. 

A wave of memes and jokes came out in the comments section of the widely shared photograph, fighting the perceived 'vulgarity' of the uniform. 

But is the photo shared by the photographer even real? And, what does the principal of the school have to say about it? Find out here!