Meet This 13-Year Old Singing Sensation Who Has 140 Broken Bones And An Unbreakable Spirit

Born to win!

Sparsh Shah has had a tough life. The 13-year old kid was born with 40 fractures in his body. That means he was born with a broken body. He has till now had 140 fractures due to a rare condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which makes his bones extremely brittle. When he touches something with pressure, his bones break instantly. Like playing with a piano! He stopped playing piano just because his bones would break every time he would play. 

Yet, this little kid has become a worldwide inspiration and a musical phenomenon. This kid surely knows how to turn liabilities into assets. Nothing is impossible in the world, Sparsh has proven that with style and panache. 

Just think over it, what are our problems compared to him? Nothing really! We have our professional and personal problems, but do these problems really matter when compared to 140 broken bones in a 13-year old body? So, why do we cry about our broken hearts and lost love? Life has several, other big challenges.