Silence Kills & This Website Is Helping The Survivors Of Sexual Abuse Get Rid Of This Silence

Read to know the way ''How Revealing'' is helping.

''Sexual abuse'' this itself is enough to send chills down someone's spine, then just for once, think of people who have encountered this evil in their life. There are a lot of men, women, and kids as well, who have been the victim of this heinous crime called sexual abuse.

Have you ever thought of what escalates the agony of these sufferers? The society and its people, who consider this crime as a taboo and never allow the victim to raise voice against the accuse, which forces the sufferers to embrace a silence and lead a life full of pain, tears and fear.  

And this silence acts as a slow poison to ruin countless innocent lives. But now, no more silence, please. Because a new online project titled as How Revealing is helping the survivors of sexual abuse and harassment, get rid of this silence.

The foundation of this initiative was laid by 29-year-old lawyer Urmila on January 13. It follows a format, where you can anonymously post your account of abuse and harassment you faced and it will make people realize that they are not alone.

"The project converted and channelised all the anger and despair I felt every time a survivor was blamed, every time I was made to feel like I was asking for it, every time the sexual history of a complainant was more important than the crime," Urmila told to HuffPost India.

Here are some heart-wrenching accounts from the website: