10 Facts About  Sikh Gurus That You Must Know

Who is the first martyred Sikh Guru?

Since ages, religion has guided us to stay on righteous path, helped us to overcome difficulties in life, provided motivation, and united people.   

Indian subcontinent has nurtured several religions that influenced the world. Sikhism, which originated from Punjab region, is one of them.   

It is one of the youngest major religions of the world. The fundamental beliefs of Sikhism find mention in the sacred scripture, Guru Granth Sahib, which proclaims that there is one Creator or God, which is beyond the realm of time and space.    

Sikhism propounds the messages, principles and sermons of 10 Sikh Gurus. Their life is the ultimate symbol of courage, righteousness, and spirituality. Their life also inspires us to serve society selflessly.  

WittyFeed brings you excerpts about Sikhism from the book, The Sacred Sword, written by Hindol Sengupta.