9 Sure Signs Of A 'Real And Complete Man'

Honestly, it is not that complicated!

The sugary love… the one that is ‘Teenagish’… a zillion butterflies stuttering in the stomach – the list of metaphors to describe a young fresh romance is probably endless. But when it comes to the one with whom an independent woman would like to spend her life with, I’m sure she prefers someone who is the ‘Complete Man’.

So how does one even define this man? Does it mean she needs a matured snobbish guy who is never fun? Does it mean she wants the corporate honcho who is full of formalities even when he is in his bedroom or may be the one who only brought up like the knight in the shining armor and hence doesn’t know how to get out of castle full of bricks and walls!

Honestly, it is not that complicated. An intelligent woman expects her man to have one or many of the following qualities for her to feel secure and loved in the relationship.