This Man Left His High-Paying Job To Become The 'Forest King'

The man who is the proud owner of 33 forests.


You can change your backyard into a beautiful forest within a year, that sounds amazing. Isn't it? Shubhendu Sharma, an Industrial Engineer, from Uttrakhand has initiated the same. He left his high-paying job as an engineer to plant trees for the rest of his life. Using the unique Miyawaki methodology to grow saplings, Afforestt converts any land into a self-sustainable forest in a couple of years. He has successfully created 33 forests across India in a couple of years. He wanted to change the industry and Afforestt was much more than just a business idea for him.

According to The Better India, he is known for his TED Talk, "How to Grow a Tiny Forest Anywhere" and Reforestation Expert & Director, Afforestt. It has helped to grow forests at homes, schools, and factories. He’s seen improvement in air quality, an increase in biodiversity — and the forests even generate fresh fruits. No doubt, he should get the title of 'Forest King'.

Know about the methodologies he used to create a forest from a barren land.