Shockingly Massive Lightning Strike Captured On Camera That Can Scare Even The Bravest Of People

And you thought only kids were afraid of lightning and thunder!

When we were kids, many of us were afraid of storms because of one particular thing - lightnings. And many of us might act tough now, but we all know deep in our hearts that there was a time when we were all afraid of the sparks in the sky and the loud, rumbling sounds that followed. But if you thought that just because you're all grown up now, there is no way a lightning can scare the soul out of you, then you're absolutely mistaken. And this video of a lightning storm over an ocean might just clear that up for you!

The video shows the coast of Daytona beach covered under black storm clouds, and the first few seconds are so peaceful that you won't even anticipate a shocking spark of electricity to pour down from the sky. But it does, and when it does, it only makes you thank god that you weren't there in person. Yup, it's that scary! Don't believe us? Well, then scroll down and experience the fear for yourself.