'She Forced Me To Cheat On Her', This Anonymous Letter Is Simply Unbelievable!

Is this guy for real? 


One of my editors recently came across an anonymous letter posted in March 2017 on the Internet (on a website called AkkarBakkar.com). Upon reading the letter, I was utterly shocked and disgusted at the same time. Still to this minute, I cannot decide if the writer is trying to be an outright jerk in his meaning, or someone who is trying to put across a valid, justified lesson and point. The letter infuriated and enthralled me all at the same time whilst I was reading it. 

I became so fascinated by it (the letter) that I even asked numerous friends to read it as well and they have mixed feelings and opinions about it too; therefore I will let you, our valued reader be the judge of whether the writer is being a total douche, or someone who has a valid lesson (and points) to teach us all. 

See below for the full unaltered quoted story.

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