She Decided To Stop Spending For A Year And This Is What Happened

How much did she save?

It often strikes us that we should start reducing our expenses and stop spending on the things we don't need, when we go on a cleaning spree around our house. When we are fed up with the countless possessions of ours. It often happens while buying, that we have all the reasons justifying its need for us. But at the time of getting rid of them, we start to feel a sudden longing towards them and start looking for their uses in our lives. Huh! Such is the human nature, it gets attached quite quick but letting go is not easy!

Thus, to free ourselves from this trap of materialism is not an easy task. Humans are lured quite easily. To rise above this silo thinking, we have to have a strong will and desire to curb our expenses. This is what this lady, Michelle McGagh, from London had done. She decided to stop her expenses for one long year. Whoa! That's unbelievable! How can one do that? Read on to find out what happened.