Shah Rukh Khan's Mark Sheet Going Viral Is A Proof That Success Does Not Come From Marks

Marks do not matter!


Shah Rukh Khan- 'The King of Bollywood' has always been known for his witty remarks and eloquent English. Whether it be an award show, a press conference or any other interview, King Khan always left a never erasing effect on the hearts of millions of his listeners.

Recently, the actor made his Ted Talk debut. The speech was the summation of his life and was praised to the skies. However, the picture of a piece of paper, which is going extraordinarily viral seems to contradict his present image to that of his personality in college days. What does the paper show? Is it a love letter or just doodling done on the paper? Does it contain his bank account number or his success mantra?

It is quite amazing to know that the image which is spreading so rapidly is Shah Rukh Khan's College Mark sheet. The image had been posted on the page of Delhi University and the authenticity had been confirmed by the admin of the page. 

Check out the image and the interesting comments posted..!!