Shah Rukh Khan's Cousin Contests Pak Elections; Twitter Trolls him

Is dragging SRK justified?

Shah Rukh Khan's Cousin Contests Pak Elections; Twitter Trolls him

There has been a jibe on social media that Shah Rukh Khan's paternal cousin Noor Jehan will be contesting elections in Pakistan. The Express Tribune reported Noor as she quoted: "I want to work for women's empowerment… I'd like to focus on the problems in my constituency." She will be running as an individual candidate, and this entire episode has embroiled a lot controversy, considering that Shah Rukh Khan might be associated to this.

The series of tweets and speculations are bringing back instances where SRK supported or helped Pakistan in some or the other way. People are using all these things as a weapon to build a strong connection between the actor and the neighbouring country.

We don't know why it is a big deal but here's how people have reacted so far:

Is using SRK's name in all this a great thing?


The famed actor's love for his nation is questioned.

Why are people giving their 'expert opinion'?

No, he won't. And even if he does, it would be to support his sister which is actually a good thing.

Peshawar or Punjab, it shouldn't make a difference.

Expert (read bullshit) advice.

While there were some who trolled, there were many people who supported and acted upon pure logic.

Let's wish the best for her.

Indians and Hungama go hand in hand.

Shah Rukh's fans are supporting him.

That makes sense.

Is freedom of speech exploited when people use it as a sword to damage someone's respect?

We are with Shah Rukh Khan, who has nothing to do with all this. 

That's all, people! 

Support the Badshah of Bollywood!