A Place for Education Is Now a Place of Sexual Assaults (Proof Inside)

“Lust must not last!” 

Is India evolving out of patriarchy or delving deep into it? Schools are no more temples of learning and instead have turned into centres of satiating sexual desires. The most beautiful and pious relationship of student-teacher has been spoilt, and the reasons which come forward for the same are ridiculous. 

In the past few years, many cases pertaining to sexual abuse in school and higher education institutions have been in the limelight. Cases range from eve-teasing, stalking and sending vulgar messages to sexual intercourse. Schools which were once established with the aim of inculcating moral value among students are themselves victimised by deteriorating social system. All these have amounted to a lot of 'social pollution' in the academic environment. 

Here are some instances indicating the incidences of sexual assaults in schools and universities.