Girls, This Is What You Should Do When You Are Being Stalked

Be your own bulwark! 


"It's not the woman in the fight, but the fight in the woman."

Time and again women have been attacked even in broad daylight. There have been some ridiculously disturbing cases wherein we have been coaxed to question humanity. We think before we wear that dress, we think before we take that cab, we think before we ask for help, we think before we step out of our office, we think before we take the stairs alone. In short, every now and then a thought has to be lent before any darn action. In today's world where women think before every step they take, self-defence techniques are the need of the hour.

In such a scenario, it is better to be self-equipped rather than depend on others for one's safety. Each one of us, not only women, must know some of the basic self-defense techniques that can help in times of emergency. From the wise use of the available objects such as bags and bottles to hitting at the right points of the body to screaming out loud in case of danger, there are a number of ways one can be safe. 

But most important of all is never to be scared, just THINK, ACT and RUN!

Here is this video of the Black Belt Model, Sandhya Shetty in partnership with Godrej, which is a lesson on self-defense techniques.