Paparazzi Have Been Chasing Selena Gomez And Here Is What They Captured 

Selena Gomez's oops moment!

Selena Gomez seems to be a little carefree lately. We bet you haven't seen her like that ever. Well, if you ask me, I am in love with her bare legs and the way she has been carrying herself. She is keeping it simple but tempting, though. One thing is clear, the dirty paparazzi are stalking her, but she doesn't seem surprised by them capturing a few shots. 

She keeps her cool around people as it might get hectic and annoying to be photographed at every moment in your life. There's no privacy and you cannot end up having an oops moment. You have to be prim and proper at every turning point. But, Selena Gomez puts up with it wonderfully. 

Who wouldn't fall in love with her body? She has an amazing one. Here, she is in all her new beautiful form. Her graceful gait is something to appreciate and love.