Miraculous Secrets Which Lord Shiva Passed on to Goddess Parvati

Did you know Mata Parvati was an incarnation of Sati?  

There's a reason why Lord Shiva is known as 'Mahadeva'.

This 'Maha Yogi' who performed meditation to maintain the equilibrium of the world is known for keeping a calm state of mind and we also know Lord Shiva for being too generous to all his devotees.   

He is a pool of knowledge who can turn into a destroyer and Bholenath both when the time and situation arises. We often see him as a figure who has multiple shades but his intellect is unquestionable. There have been various lessons and learnings that he has imparted to all his devotees, followers and even Mata Parvati. 

We have listed some important life lessons that Mahadeva transmitted to his wife and are valuable for everyone. But, before we begin, let's do some background check and start with the basics.