14 Interesting Facts About SRK That Every Fan Should Know

Digging deeper into the brand SRK!

Privacy is alien to celebrities and their lives; everyone wants to have a piece of them by hook or by crook. The ever-so-hungry fans are always on a frantic chase for anything, and everything that the celebs do (or don’t do) and this can irk the latter, for obvious reasons. It is then that they are spewed on and their image hogwash-ed, giving rise to unsolicited controversies and gossips. 

B-town celebs and their controversies abound, thanks to the media houses and portals, but that’s just a part of them. There are way many facts and secrets about our beloved Bollywood stars that not many are aware of. However, close aides and fans of some stars do not mind spilling the beans on some platforms, and we love them for the contribution. We thought of digging out some facts about the ace actor and ruler of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, to let our readers celebrate their admiration and love for their favourite actor.