Scientists In Antarctica Discovered A New Species Of Crabs Whose Very Existence Is Extraordinary

The earth has so much more surprises to offer!

The planet we live on - Earth - is just a tiny part of the unending universe, and the proposed set of multiverses. Many of us are often fascinated by the prospect of finding life on other planets, in other parts of space. But what many of us don't even realise is that we aren't even done knowing all the species that live on our very planet!

Even after all these years of searching, we can't be sure of not finding a new species of creatures in some corner of the planet. Just take the newly discovered hairy-chest crabs for example. These crabs have been found to live in the Antarctic region- a place that has hitherto been known to not support many life-forms because of its killer cold. And yet, the sea managed to hide from us an entire colony of crabs which have found just the right location that can support their survival. Their discovery teaches us two things- one that the Earth has so many more surprises to offer, and two, that no one knows just which part of the universe might be holding a life-form which somehow found just the right environment for its survival! If anything, this discovery pushes us more to search for life on the Earth and beyond. Scroll down for the whole story.