Scientists Are Using Drones To Fight Deforestation In A Way You Can't Imagine

A million times better than any other way!

To fight the growing phenomenon of deforestation, scientists from the renowned Indian University, Indian Institute of Science or IISc Bangalore are all set to help the environment in the most innovative way possible till now. 

A professor from the Department of  Aerodynamics at IISc, Bangalore in collaboration with two other scientists from Dr H N Science Centre and Department of Forest have prepared a plan to cultivate a whole new forest on the banks of river Pinakini in the Gauribidanur area in Karnataka’s Kolar district.

On World Environment Day, June 5th, the team of the scientists along with the college volunteers held their first ever drone-seeding trial on the banks of river Pinakini. 

The ambition of the team is to reach the inaccessible areas with the help of drones and plant them with trees to accomplish the overall goal, thus converting the unused land on the river bed into a dense green forest.

This project of seed-bombing through drones is a three-year-plan and here are its features.