Top Most Indian Institutions That Can Beat The Ivy League Universities

Who said only a Harvard degree matters?

If you've seen movies based on college life in the US - most of them have been shot in universities that have a good ranking, basically a category of elite universities. Also known as Ivy League universities, a term that strictly applies to universities with academic excellence, selective admissions and social elitism. 

When we begin searching for universities for our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, we're mostly attracted by the top-most universities and the reasons are clearly understandable. Some institutions simply stand out based on its curriculum, infrastructure, activities, placements, culture, environment, etc. 

Not everyone is smart enough to realise their dream and become a part of the Ivy League Universities, but one can surely get close to it by taking admission in other topmost institutions. 

They may not be Harvard, Princeton or Yales, but India has some amazing institutes as well. We have compiled a list of the top most Indian institutions that can beat the Ivy League Universities: