Sasha Banks Just Said Something So Shocking That Her Haters Will Start Hating Her Even More

Now that's why we say Sasha is sassy!  

The WWEuniverse has given us several superstars over the years since it has been around. From the Big Show to Sasha Banks, the list is long and comprises of both men and women. And, as history has shown us, many of the WWE superstars go on to become even bigger names. Take John Cena, for example. He's so popular today that there's not one kid or adult who hasn't heard his name!

And if you're really lucky and talented, you could even end up becoming as successful as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson! And just to help you gauge the amount of success The Rock has attained, here's a fun fact: he's one of the highest paid actors today in Hollywood. That's right; he belongs to the Ben Affleck- Johnny Depp league now!

Coming back to the modern day WWE universe, one of the biggest superstars with an impressive career is Sasha Banks. She's not only one of the most beloved WWE superstars but is also one of the most talked about. She's a fan favourite, and like any other fan-favourite person in this world, she too has her fair share of haters. These fans are the ones who're responsible for the negative reactions that she's been getting lately, and she talked about it recently in an interview with James Delow. And what she said is a bit shocking, but she does give a logic behind her statement, which kind of does make sense. Check it out!