15 August Is Declared As Sankalp Parva And Its Reason Will Wake Up The Patriot In You 

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.    


 A simple resolve can change your life forever! For example, if you decide to never react to the chaos around you, your world will change. 

Similarly, if you make a small resolve to make your country a better place to live, your country will change. And how? For that you will have to take a small pledge, a sankalp at one of the government's websites. A pledge that will completely transform India by 2022!   

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The idea behind Sankalp Parva is to get people involved in the process of nation building. For this, the government has asked the citizens to take inspiration from Quit India Movement that started in 1942 and climaxed in 1947 - where people forgot all the dividing barriers and joined the movement to uproot the British Government. 

The Indian government wants you to do the same now. To uproot the social evils that are obstructing nation's growth. Indeed, an interesting idea! Finally, the government seems to be going creative. 

Take a pledge today and make India great by 2022. Yes, it is possible!