Badass! Quirky! This Artist's Illustrations Depict All Sides Of Daring Modern Indian Women 



Radical. Intense. Dope. Magical. Awakening. Badass.

This is how Samyukta Madhu's art can be described. She is a New York-based designer who has created ripples with her quirky illustrations on the new-age woman.She is fondly referred to as Sam and her artwork focuses on Indian women. 

Born in Chennai, Sam is just 22 years old. Her modern minimal art has grabbed the attention of people as her each piece screams out loud. If you look at her art, it appears that she cares a damn of what people think of her. What she preaches is, "Be Yourself"! 

The art has received mixed views from the Indian fraternity and is also easily misunderstood, looking at the bold avatar she has brought forward of the Hindu goddesses.

WittyFeed brings you some some of Madhu's bold illustrations, which portray different aspects of modern Indian women. The illustrations project woman's loneliness, chastity and her ability to overcome all odds.