10 Ways Salman Khan's Unmarried Status Would Affect Your Life in Future

Bhaai ki shaadi, humaara sir dard!

The laddoo of shaadi, you eat or you reject, regret persists in both the cases!
But...when we're discussing Salman's unmarried status, it's lesser about him rejecting the laddoo and more about us wanting him to grab and engulf one. The nation cares about his marriage so much that it at times looks like a mission impossible with us all being Tom Cruise, ever ready get the job done for him.
But guess what, everything happens for a reason and if we, the youth, care so much about his marriage, there definitely is some motive that we carry. Damn it, the rationale is simple, Salman's unf#*%ed relationship status can create havoc in our lives and here are the ten situations that can prove it...