Here's How Salman Khan Came Up With The Name 'Being Human'

"I was passing by Linking Road (Mumbai) when I saw..." 

Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation.

Superstar Salman Khan has been selling t-shirts with 'Being Human' doodled on it for past ten years now. He launched the Being Human Foundation, a non-profit charitable trust for better healthcare and primary education facilities in 2007, and the 'Being Human' clothing line two years later.

But have you ever wondered where did he get the idea to name his trust 'Being Human' from? When did he decide to expand his label by affixing it with a clothing line? 

At a recent event in Mumbai, TiE Global Summit 2018, Salman Khan spoke a lot about his brand, Being Human, and also shared how he came up with the name. 

Have a look: