Indian Hockey Team Creates History & This Is How Sachin Congratulated Them

Wow, what a stellar achievement!


While the entire world's eyes were fixated at The Oval where Indian Cricket team were playing Pakistan, there was an entirely different India vs Pak game being played in the same city. Needless to say, yesterday was a disappointing day for us Indians, not only we lost a cricket match but also we lost a final. Not only we lost the final, we lost the final to Pakistan - out most bitter rivals and since then it has left us with a sour taste in our mouth along with a huge, tasty slice of humble pie. 

Speaking of humble pie, India's humiliation of Pakistan in hockey demanded exactly that! India smashed Pakistan 7-1 creating a record in the process. So while it was a bad day for most of the Indians, hockey followers and fans aren't that sad though. Defeating Pakistan is always fun and when we do that 7-1, it deserves massive respect. 

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