Sachin Tendulkar, There Is Much More To The Master-Blaster Than Cricket!

He is an Indian, before anything else! 

Sachin! Sachin! The Bradman of Modern Era, The Little Master, he is The Sachin Tendulkar and there can be none like him, not only in cricket but as a human being that he is. 

Happy Birthday to the living legend!

Cricket has surely been his arena for 24 years of his life. He has breathed cricket, had cricket, dreamed cricket, slept cricket, woken up to cricket, in short, he has lived cricket. 

Have a look at what the Master Blaster is up to now, in his second innings. His soft and gentlemanly conduct have made him a charmer. He believes that learning never ends, even now, he looks forward to it, having started learning cricket at the age of 11. He is the one who looks forward to details, he is dedicated and is accepting. It is still less even if I write a book on him, there is so much about him. 

He is a living legend, he is an INSPIRATION!