This Is A Tribute To Indian Mothers And The Untold Relationships They Share (Video) 

A procurer mother and a provider mother!

The film opens as two mothers wake up in urban and rural India. They gently caress their sleeping child. The film moves forward as they both are shown making their respective morning beverages using Amul Milk and savouring it.   

Both mothers then move ahead with their day's task. The rural mother makes her way to the cow shed where she milks the cow, takes the milk to the testing center where it is tested and packed. She then proudly moves forward on her bicycle to deliver it to every mother in the city. 

The pack of milk is happily received by the urban mother. Then, the little girl (daughter) in the house willingly sips on her fresh glass of milk at the breakfast table. The film ends with the urban mother waving goodbye to the rural mother with a deep sense of thankfulness and trust.

Amul championed the cause of women empowerment way before it was fashionable to do so. Its campaign is called Amul Mothers for Mothers.     

Watch the video.