Stunning Jewelleries That Celebrities Wore At Their Wedding

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, we couldn't have agreed more. 


It is said, the most valuable thing a woman owns is her jewellery. No wonder, most of them go to the bank to stack their prized possessions into the lockers. No Indian household goes without owning at least a piece of an ornament. It is a common practice that jewellery is passed on from generations to generations in our country.  

Jewellery that had the eyes of a lot of people across the country are the ones of Bollywood celebrities. Having a high amount of pressure for looking good at all times, these divas did not disappoint us during their wedding when it came to their jewellery. One after the other, our jaws dropped looking at the beautiful and heavy jewellery they sported. 

Take a look at some of these stunning jewellery of the celebs that they wore on their big day.