What Different Religions Predict About The End Of The World

Judgement day is in our minds & it's a dangerous place to be!


Armageddon, doomsday, apocalypse, or end of time, call what you might like but this is the concept that is prevailing in the human society for years. No matter where the thought originated but it forms an essential part of the different religions of the world. True, not every religion sees the ends of time in the same way but that doesn’t deny the existence of this overpowering thought.

Is the world really going to end? The truth is we don’t know. Surely many of you remember the hype of 2012 when everyone thought the world is going to end? It didn’t turn out to be true. That doesn’t mean there will not be future predictions or they will turn out to be false too.

We can never get a definitive answer to ‘when will the apocalypse come?’ However, there is always the fascinating history and belief to learn. Ready to know about Armageddon?