These Experts Have A Solution That'll Keep Your Home Appliances 'New' For Years 

You spend a bomb to build a home and create a good life for your family, but are they safe from the mishaps? Reliance General Insurance is here to your rescue!


Our homes are our assets and an indispensable part of all of our lives. It takes a lot of hard work, time and sweat for an individual to own a house and further make it a 'home'. We always save those extra bucks and cut short our daily expenses just because we wish to buy the best utility products for our homes and family, don't we?

Every modern house today comprises basic electric appliances like a television set, an air-conditioner, a washing machine and a music system. We spend our hard-earned money on buying these products but forget one little thing: taking care of them and protecting them from wear and tear. 

This aspect often goes neglected but rather should be considered as unavoidable. Don't parents get their children vaccinated after they're born so that they're protected from diseases? It's the same with electrical appliances you buy!

Here is what experts have to say, tips, tricks and so much more.