10 WhatsApp Love Stories that Will Melt Your Heart Faster than Butter

Love is life changing.

Love has no language. 

A line we all have come across at some point in our lives. You, me, and everybody around you has fallen in love at least once in their lives. If you've been there, chances are you'll understand what I mean, if not, just read on.

Wondering why? Well, people have different ways of expressing love, and nobody has ever been able to figure things out in the first instance. While some go on to say "I Love You" aimlessly without knowing what this purest emotion is all about, others are never able to think of enough ways to express it. And maybe that is why people have chosen the digital way to express their emotions, all thanks to WhatsApp. 

I for one started to believe in it more when I came across this trailer of Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz. A film where the couple (debutant Zain Khan Durrani and Geetanjali Thapa) falls in love in the virtual world. Well, of course, the story is about how all of it unveils, but I am sure you must be wondering about how love can be expressed on WhatsApp. 

Don't worry, here are 10 WhatsApp conversations which show how love can be expressed in the simplest way possible (at least for me). 

Want to give it a read? Here you go.