Cherish Your Love Well In Time: Nothing Lasts Forever.

Cherish people and not memories! 


Luckiest is the one who has somebody who loves him/her unconditionally. Stupidest is the one who doesn't respect this blessing.

It is the most painful emotion of loving someone from your heart and not getting the same in return. When we are allured by things outside, we miss out on our own blessings. It is like awestruck by the glare of the moon, we miss out on the stars brightening our lives.

There’s always a particular approach to deal with any situation. Suppose you have somebody in your life who loves you more than themselves and you are sure of reciprocating the same feeling. Think twice! Be sure of the commitment. You are promising. Respect the other person's feelings. Please do not take them for granted. Love them, cherish them and treat them well.

If at all you find yourself not being able to connect to that person,  stop - rethink. Pause before impairing your relationship and harming the soul of another being. If there is a frequency issue sit and talk, look for ways to be at peace, if you are unable to give regards to the respective person because of someone else-beware, cross-check yourself. There are two aspects to this situation: First of all there is a lack of commitment from your end which is indeed a warning sign. What it simply means is you lack morality. You need to strengthen your Ethical Quotient.

Getting attracted by someone ignoring the ones by your side is selfishness and foolishness. Selfishness because you are in a constant mode of looking out for the best for yourself closing your eyes towards your commitment or alliance. Foolishness because you are wasting your time in chasing far away birds, putting your back towards the beautiful ones you have indeed caged.

It is generally believed that just like we fail to realize the value of our possessions until they perish, we fail to cherish our relations as well. Actually, the fact is we take things for granted to such a level that we don’t realize that they might just cease to exist. We take the people who love us to be granted and always keep them for backup. But there are times when we look behind to see and fail to find them anywhere around. It is at that time we realize the loss.

There's a reason behind why I am saying all this.