10 Shocking Regrets Heard On A Deathbed

When the dying teach you how to live!

The living and the dead. The blessed and the cursed. The bold and the coward. 

Some of us may value life and are grateful for all the things we have achieved. But usually, we unknowingly take it for granted as well. And who can tell us about the life we live better than the Dying. They have lived their life and have been through the mistakes and hurdles that have shaped their opinions and experiences.

In 2009, Bronnie Ware, a palliative care nurse, wrote an online article to uncover any regrets and secrets from her patients to learn from their mistakes. In her book, “Top Five Regrets Of The Dying” Bronnie revealed that all her patients spoke about things like relationships, love, personal matters rather than money, success, fame.

Have you noticed that most of us do the opposite? We run behind success, fame, money, status, anything materialistic, while the other important matters in our life just lay waste. It’s human nature to want more. The need for desire doesn’t seem to end. No matter how much we achieve, it’s never enough.

One thing is for sure. If we die, we only have 6 ft of dirt to our name. That’s all.

Here are the Top Ten regrets heard on a deathbed, including the 5 most popular ones from the book, “The Top Five Regrets Of Dying.”