10 Things That We All Must Know About The Refugee Crisis In Myanmar

From sexual abuse to slavery, this is why you must care about Rohingya.

We have heard a lot in news headlines about Rohingya, Myanmar and refugee camps. But, what exactly is Rohingya? It is a group of stateless Indo-Aryan people and approximately 1 million of them have been reported to live in Myanmar before the military crackdown. The crackdown was a response to the attacks that took place at the borders of Myanmar. This is one of the reasons why the army has been accused of wide-scale human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, gang rapes and what not.

There have been various things that are going on around the globe while we are sitting and sipping coffee in bed. We are not acquainted with a lot of happenings, 

We have listed down all harsh, brutal and lesser-known facts about the refugee crisis that is taking place in Myanmar. Let's take a look at them.