15 Reasons Why India Attracts Foreigners From Near And Afar

Firangi paani in India...! 


It would be an understatement to label India as the textbook definition of ‘diversity.' India is diverse! Even the things that attract guests to our beloved nation are many in kind. Be it the festivals or be it the year-long beach party that is Goa, India has attracted folks from all walks of life.

Uncertain as it is whether we should be proud of this or not, but because of the low currency exchange rate, it is also an economic trip for most of the folks who visit our lovely country. However, there are many pointers about the Indian experience that have reeled in travelers from all over the globe. Some have been amused, some have simply fallen in love with the vibrancy with which the country breathes unanimously.

The food, the mood, the indigenous culture, the individualism with which India has blended in influences from all corners of the world, maybe, foreigners find intimacy and a piece of homeliness in India. Here are 15 reasons why India attracts immigrants from near and afar.