13 Reasons Why Many Girls Want to Stay Single

Thanks to Shakespeare, our expectations are very high. 

DISCLAIMER: 'I' here represents the sentiments of many girls out there.

Superwoman: Single

Wonderwoman: Single 

Batwoman: Single

Did you get the context? 

The minute I sit back and realize that in this modern world of dating I fall into the category of people who aren't dating anyone or are single, I instantaneously recall the questions that people throw at me. 

And to all those people who have raised questions, all I have to say is that I'm single and it's working really well... 

Believe me, I think I have found the one and it is none other than MYSELF! There's no knight in the shining armour who will be able to put up with a person like me (pun intended).

On that note, here are a few reasons why I would like to stay single (at least for quite some time or until my favourite character from a British classic comes to life).